The project: Aya Huma Free Walking Tour

The begining

The project arises from a trip I took in 2017. I had contact with people from different cultures around the world and I had decided to start my trip and discover my beautiful Latin America. The first foreign country I would visit was Peru. Its people, its gastronomy and culture easily managed to make me fall in love. During the trip I realized that I could start writing my anecdotes (something I did but I have not published) and also my photographs.

El Pillín Viajero

I decided to reopen my instagram account, which I had completely abandoned. I started uploading photographs of my trip with the amazing people I had met and the wonderful places I had visited. However, I decided to change the name of my account and after meditating a little (almost one night without sleep), I put the name of "El Pillin Viajero". It was quite funny and highlighted even my way of being. In this way I began to have a certain degree of reception and hundreds of people began to follow me and be aware of the posts I did almost daily. Instagram was my window to the world, however it was the only network that supported me and showed me to the world.

The first steps

As more people began to follow me, the content of my account continued to improve in quality. Something I forgot to mention is that I studied tourism at the University and worked as a tour guide that has fascinated me since my 17 years. People from all over the world were attracted to the work I was doing, and one day a couple of travelers wrote to me, telling me: 
-Hey do you live in Otavalo?, we would like you to show us your city.
Everything would change from that moment.
I had shown them part of Otavalo and its surroundings, at the end of the tour I did not feel it was work but a tour among good friends. From there I started with the tours in Otavalo, improving little by little, although not on a regular basis.

I started working on my thesis, then as an English teacher and my time for the tours was reduced a lot.

Aya Huma Free Walking Tour
The project of El Pillin Viajero had grown considerably and a good group of people already knew me, nevertheless the routes stopped being frequent. My time was being occupied in other projects. Again I had certain trips now within my country, which made me realize the potential of my Otavalo and the moment to make my culture known to the world was here.
Leaving behind the "Pillín", "Aya Huma Free Walking Tour" is present, taking the wealth and the most important characters of our culture, I decided to give a new image to the project.
Project that aims to make Otavalo a tourist destination and cease to be a simple attraction.

The warmth of its people, the variety of its cuisine, the beauty of its attractions and the richness of its culture make this city a unique place in the world. Aya Huma Free Walking  Tour allows you to feel from the point of view of a local the reality and beauty that Otavalo has. Now I invite you to a walking tour, based on a tip in which you will be fascinated. Have you ever wondered what Otavalo has besides the Plaza de Ponchos? Well, let me show you!
#The Language Project

In Aya Huma Free Walking Tour, we believe it is very important to be reciprocal and contribute to local development, so we decided to contribute and start providing free English classes to children with limited resources. Work done in collaboration with volunteers. Aya Huma Free Walking Tour proposes promoting the project so that more people join this noble cause. On the other hand, if you want to learn the language of the world, you can also ask us, since we are ready to accompany you on your way to learning.


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