After the socialization by the Municipality to the residents and fronts of the Los Portales neighborhood to publicize the dates and procedures to follow for the completion of the Civic Square, some important points for the full development of the work are discussed.

Dates and project execution

According to the socialization carried out, the project will have a duration of 7 months in which the municipality and the neighborhood have coordinated so that there is no affectation in the two parts, so it has also been stated that access to the portals will not be obstructed.

PHOTO: El Norte


As for the neighboring streets Modesto Jaramillo, Juan Montalvo and García Moreno, they will not close to circulation either, but it is essential to use these access roads to enter machinery and other reasons, for which a one-month impact will be generated in each street, but this when the project is already more advanced.

Heritage Architectural Space

Part of the patrimonial architectural infrastructure of the portal is deteriorated by an outbreak of fire and the rains, so there is concern of the owners of this space for an accident, so they ask the Municipality to carry out the pertinent steps to the National Heritage Institute to that it can intervene in the structure.


“When the market came out, heavy machinery came in to remove the concrete and iron from the sector, for which there was a lot of vibration, agitation and blows that broke the concrete and that part was not destroyed, there is that exception,” says David Andrade, president of the Los Portales neighborhood.

For its part, the Municipality awaits a response from the National Institute of Cultural Heritage to authorize and remove the tiles from the affected area and carry out the respective procedure on the heritage material.

Similarly, seismic studies have already been carried out in the sector and the results of this report indicate that these affected infrastructures are not at risk, because there will be minimal intervention.

This work will strengthen social development and reflect the cultural, historical and traditional field.


Source: “Preocupación por el deterioro en Los Portales de Otavalo”. Diario EL NORTE, 18 de diciembre de 2020. Web. 19 de diciembre de 2020.


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